Wisdom of The Heart

On the journey of life, we can find ourselves standing at a crossroad. Facing those big decisions which have us pondering over what direction we should take. Often the answer will largely impact not only our lives but the lives of those closest to us.

Questions such as; Is this medical procedure aligning with my belief system, how will my choices negatively or positively affect myself and those around me? Or maybe whether to stay in a difficult relationship or to end it?

These kind of questions have one thing in common and that is that there is no right or wrong answer. There is no manual on how best to make these decisions, friends will often have varying opinions, which could cascade the mind into a web of confusion.

These questions, can lead us onto un-necessary suffering if we allow them to consume our minds and alter our relationship with the present moment. So then...how do i make the best decision in this present moment, which will change the course of my life? Is there a method which will bring clarity and greater sense of freedom?

Different ways of thinking

Depending on the situation, we can solve challenges either from the brain or the heart. Heart based thinking works in heart-brain coherence, it is the anchor of which we can hold onto when these often chaotic challenges present themselves in our lives.

Single eye of the heart - Present and in harmony with the moment. It uses the logic of the mind with the personal truth from the heart. Instead of writing up checklists of pros and cons, the wisdom of the heart knows exactly what is right for us in the present moment.

Through out history, poets, philosophers and prophets have regarded the human heart as a

source of divine wisdom and love. The renowned French philosopher Blaise Pascal stated:

"The heart has reasons that reason cannot know"

Such examples are endless and show the gap between ancient knowledge and the modern day scientific perspective.

It has recently been found that within the heart there is a 'little brain', which continually sends feedback to the brain, this is an ongoing two way dialogue which continually influences the others function and performance. The heart communicates to the brain in four ways; neurologically (through nerve impulses), biochemically (hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (pressure waves) and energetically (electromagnetic field interactions). (HeartMath, 2016)

5 Steps to Learning the language of the Heart

(Find a comfortable seat, in a cozy room with minimal distractions)

Focus Your Heart

Set an intention to move awareness from the mind, down into the heart area.

This sends a signal to the mind, that you're now shifting your perspective from the outside world and are now becoming centered in the world within you.

Slow Your Breathing

With each inhale and exhale, hold for a count of 5 and direct the breathe down into diaphragm.

This will send a signal to your body that you're in a safe space and will neutralize the flight, fight response, thus stimulating the relaxation of the nervous system (parasympathetic response).

Feel a Rejuvenating Feeling

Feel a genuine sense of compassion and caring, direct the feeling out from your heart center. You can send this out to anyone or anything. The more important part is that you tune into this energy center, allowing the feeling to be as sincere and heartfelt as possible. Its the quality of this feeling which fine-tunes and regulates the coherence between your heart and brain.

Asking the Heart Intelligence a Question

Now that we've created harmony between our brains and heart, we can tap into the Wisdom of the Heart. As you continue to breathe and hold the focus in your heart, its now time ask that all important question.

Keeping the question short and brief, allows your heart to communicate its truth. There's no need for a preface or the history of an event before the question. Allow the totality of the question to sink into your heart center,


If this is your first time observing the sensations in the body, this is a great practice of drawing awareness inside,

Simply observe all the feelings and sensations, as the question is asked. Feelings such as; warmth from the heart and gut, peaceful sensation or maybe there are mixed feelings - each feeling is welcome, even those which are uncomfortable, the trick is to be an observer and feel what the heart has to communicate.

This 5 step process empowers us to make intelligent, heart based decisions. When we feel unsure who to ask or turn to, sometime our greatest guide is only 18Inches from our brain!

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